Nature Spirits

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Nature Spirits Series
Capturing my love for our earth and for all living things residing on this beautiful, spinning sphere has led me to my own unique way of looking at the individual creatures with which we share our planet. From the most massive of these creatures to the tiniest ones, I strive to bring you a closer look into the world I see as I look through my lens.
My fascination with the tiniest of creatures began during my childhood. This fascination did not stop with the cute and the fuzzy ones. I wanted to learn everything I could about the lives I saw as I spent hours wandering in nature. When I began to photograph insects and arachnids, I found myself sitting or laying quietly amongst flowers, tall grasses, or anywhere that I found myself within inches of tiny faces staring back at me. The longer I sat, I realized bees, flies, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and butterflies seemed not to consider my existence as a threat even though my face or lens was only inches away.
On our planet, all living things are connected no matter how minute or gargantuan a life form may be. We as humans tend to fear that with which we are not familiar. I wanted to give these tiny nature spirits a larger than life appearance, so we can look into each one’s eyes and become familiar with each of these small spirits. My biggest hope is for people to come away with a newfound way of seeing them, so the next time they see a spider, bee, or dragonfly come across their path, maybe they will stop to take a closer look. Jane Goodall said her mission was to “create a world where we can live in harmony with nature.” I hope my photographs give viewers a new opportunity to look at bugs and spiders in a completely new light.

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